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Homegrown Magic: Cultivate Psychedelic Mushrooms at Home

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Easy and Affordable Guide to Growing Psychedelic Mushrooms at Home. The price includes live support and video calls with instructor. 5 hours of detailed, easy to follow demonstration of the process from materials to harvest. 

  • Cost-effective: Compared to buying psychedelic mushrooms from a dealer or dispensary, growing your own at home can ultimately save you money.

  • Quality control: By controlling all aspects of the mushroom-growing process, you can guarantee the product's high standards of quality and purity.

  • Increased accessibility: Finding a reputable source of hallucinogenic mushrooms may be challenging depending on your area. Owning your own allows you to guarantee a consistent supply.

  • Safe and legal: While the possession and use of psychedelic mushrooms may be illegal in some places, growing them at home for educational purposes is generally legal and safe.