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Conscious Death and the Life-Death Transition Counsel

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Holistic end-of-life counseling with multi-dimensional perspective. Throughout this enlightening session, you'll explore profound spiritual techniques aimed at connecting with your infinite soul self. Shift your perspective on physical death, revealing it as a natural transition, just like waking up from another dream.

A Private 1 hr counseling session on Conscious Death led by Anya Deva, a seasoned Medium, Soul Worker, and Healer with over 20 years of experience. This Zoom video session is designed for individuals with terminal illnesses, those approaching the threshold of death, people with heavy addictions or anyone seeking to alleviate the fear and uncertainty surrounding death and dying.

Key elements of the class include:

  1. Understanding the metaphysical structure of the five kinds of Mind and discovering which part of your mind is eternal and travels between life times.
  2. Delving into the structure and activation techniques for your light body, the vehicle that traverses between different incarnations.
  3. Sharing and discussing personal experiences related to departed loved ones, and learning methods to connect with and communicate with them while still in your present incarnation.
  4. Learning to clear attachments and low-frequency emotions such as guilt, shame, and fear to avoid or minimize the purgatory stage.
  5. Exploring the profound art of consciously transitioning from life to death, drawing from ancient practices, beliefs, and modern interpretations of this sacred journey.

This session is an opportunity to confront and transcend the fear of death while gaining insights and practical knowledge to approach this transition with serenity and understanding. Each teaching is infused with compassion, wisdom, and the intention to empower individuals on their spiritual journey.