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Dimensional Mastery: Navigating Shifts in Parallel Realities. Private class

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Change your life for the better, heal diseases, relationships, poverty, etc. Your mind creates your reality, and the underlying issue in experiencing something unwanted is often an unconscious belief. When we learn to change the mind, we learn to shift realities. It is easiest to change the mind when we change the frequency of our being: from lower, to higher. In this session, you will learn how to raise your vibration quickly and shift to the parallel reality you prefer. 

In the class session, we will:

-Identify unconscious limiting beliefs and clear them

-Learn breathing methods for activating the pineal gland

-Practice meditation techniques to go beyond the mind, into the realms of infinite power and bliss

-Remembering who you are as an infinite being

-Shift attention and energy from the old time line to the preferred one

-Create time line journal